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Peer Review on Biopharmacology

As a clinical psychologist and psycho-pharmacologist, I have become intrigued by what Dr. Thomas Griner is able to accomplish in resolution of the often impaired mind-body connection.

I have experienced his work personally in the specialized physical stimulation of the nervous system. I will leave it to Dr. Griner to describe how it works*. I can tell you that as a result of several months of his work on me that I am healthier, my memory has been enhanced, my vision is better, and I am taller, my posture having greatly improved. I have found these physical changes exceptionally beneficial to my mental health.

* According to Dr. Griner, the hypothalamus is the pharmacy of the body. Neural stimulation through the KANON treatment can induce the hypothalamus to normalize its output of bio- pharmaceuticals, which is why Dr. McIlnay had resolution of his mind-body connection.