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KANON Therapeutic Neuro-Biophysics (Physiology)
is Restoration of Disturbed Neurophysiology Not Due to Pathology

Hacking the nervous system via the extra pyramidal [muscle control] component by slipping under the firewall [stretch reflex]. Setting things that have gone astray, right again.


Focused passive movement of the tissues by incorporating the muscle fibers as intermediaries, in stimulating the muscle spindles which are embedded between the fibers. Specific neural stimulation for muscle tone control.

Consisting of

Physics induced by the Biopulser®, with resonant vibratory muscle movement deep to the core and physically applied (by finger tips) in a long stroking movement at a limited depth.


Peer Review on Neurophysiology of Muscles

The following excerpts are taken from "The Golden Book of Muscle Health and Restoration" by Michael R. Binder, M.D.. He is a graduate of the Pritzker School of Medicine at the University of Chicago and also of the Kinesiology Program at the University of California Los Angeles.

"I learned of a unique treatment that was based on a highly precise and detailed understanding of neuromuscular physiology. Having a degree in Kinesiology, I was immediately able to recognize the scientific, scholarly, and profound nature of the information presented. Having studied muscle physiology at a university that at the time was touted to be a leader in the field, I am surprised that I had been taught so little about muscle spasm. But in looking back, the integrative work on how muscles develop chronic spasticity had not yet been published."

"This book is written in honor of Dr. Thomas Griner, a former research engineering Technician at NASA, who revolutionized the treatment of musculoskeletal pain by identifying the most common cause of the problem and developing the only reliable way to cure it. Through more than twenty-five years of research and clinical practice , Dr. Griner discovered the complex mechanism by which a seemingly simple yet intricate non- invasive bio-stimulation technique, one that he himself developed , could over time, fully release hypertonic spasm, a dysfunctional state of muscle that is at the root of most cases of acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain. Logical but revolutionary, simple but powerfully effective, Dr. Griner's work is, in my opinion, worthy of the Nobel Prize in physiology".

Peer Review on Physics of Drumming

I have had the wonderful opportunity to have a very qualified massage therapist use your creation, the biopulser, during treatments over the last 2 months. I am a drummer by profession and my wife is a massage therapist so I have a working understanding of bath modalities. Your device is a work of true genius.

Peer Review on Biopharmacology

As a clinical psychologist and psycho-pharmacologist, I have become intrigued by what Dr. Thomas Griner is able to accomplish in resolution of the often impaired mind-body connection.