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Thomas Griner

About Thomas Griner

Dr. Thomas Griner�s engineering background includes scientific research for the Purdue University Rocket Laboratory in Indiana and the Unmanned Space Program at NASA�s Jet Propulsion Lab in California.

Due to his accomplishments in engineering research and testing of complex systems, Dr. Griner was approached by an emerging group of Chiropractors to set up a test procedure for a new technique, but still based on the chiropractic premise that a misaligned bone could pinch a nerve and cause muscle spasm. The result of his analysis however, proved the exact opposite was true. This left Dr. Griner with the unresolved question of what caused the muscle spasm in the first place. A new interest in muscle and nervous system interaction eventually led him to study pathology, biology, chemistry, anatomy, and physiology at the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, resulting in a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Since he never practiced chiropractic, he did not maintain a chiropractic license.

Dr. Griner did not find answers to why muscles became hyper-contracted in Chiropractic College, so he utilized his background in engineering to develop his own clinical research and testing methods. The results of this work led to his first scientific discovery of the mechanisms involved in chronic muscle contraction. This new understanding of the physiological elements contributing to muscle spasm laid the foundation for his development of a ground breaking muscle therapy called KANON (Kinetically-Activated Nerve Organ Normalization).

To more precisely stimulate corrective feedback to the cerebellum, Dr. Griner invented the BioPulser�, a machine that avoids biological restraints and sets the muscles into resonant frequency vibration, thereby stimulating certain nerves in the muscle spindles. Dr. Griner�s foundational discoveries on muscle function and dysfunction were made during his 25 years of clinical practice. This generated numerous research papers, culminating in authoring a book titled, �What�s Really Wrong with You? A Revolutionary Look At How Muscles Affect Your Health�. He has continued for the last 19 years after his semi-retirement, to refine and add to his collection of scientific research.

One of the tributes Dr. Griner received for his revolutionary neuromuscular research and development, is having been invested as an Honorary Officer and Knight by the Sovereign San Luigi Order of the Lion and Black Cross, an ancient French charitable order, earning him the distinguished title of Sir Thomas Griner.